The OVME Founder, Dr. Mark McKenna Practices Visualization

Mark McKenna became the founder and CEO of OVME in July 2017. OVME is a consumer facing, technology-enabled, medical aesthetic company reinventing elective health care. In his interview with Ideamensch, Dr. McKenna explained that the OVME idea came from serving in the industry of aesthetics for more than ten years. He grew his practice to be among the largest in the U.S. and eventually sold the practice to a public corporation. During that process, Dr. McKenna noticed lots of opportunities to upset the industry.

Dr. McKenna brings ideas to life by regularly setting goals and practicing visualization. Also, he likes to meditate in a place that’s quite, at least once in a day. He has found that the combination of meditation plus active goal setting is always a formula for success. The strategy that has helped him grow his business is surrounding himself with people who are smarter than himself.

He usually wakes up at 6:30 am, then he wakes his daughter up, and they have breakfast together while his wife is sleeping. After breakfast, he showers and goes to work at around 8: am. He usually works until 6: am, then goes home and have dinner together with his family. After dinner, he goes for Jiu Jitsu training, where he trains till 9: pm. After training, he goes home, and it’s always time for him to sleep. Dr. McKenna recommends people to read the book entitled think and grow rich, written by Napoleon Hill. He said that if you are an entrepreneur, you should read the book.

Mark McKenna, MBA, MD, is a Medical Doctor, who is licensed in medicine and surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He’s a warm, patient advocate plus a devoted community servant. He’s originally from NOLA, and he graduated from Tulane University Medical School, located in NOLA.

After he completed his medical training, Dr. McKenna started practicing medicine together with his dad while at the same time launched McKenna Venture Investments, which is a firm for boutique real estate development. Over the years he went on and acquired Uptown Title, Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending.

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