2018 Midterm Elections Heating Up

While the midterm elections are still over 15 months away, four key battles are already heating up. These battles are sure to gain national attention, and they may easily determine what voters in the rest of the United States talk about in political circles over the next few months.


Senator Dean Heller is in a tight position in Nevada. After Congress failed to pass the GOP Health Care Plan, the pressure on Dean Heller to prove to his Nevada constituents that he has their best interest at heart is very real. On only her 184 day in office, Jacky Rosen has already announced that she plans to take on Senator Dean Heller. This should bring her lots of national attention along with the money to support her campaign.


Texans have not elected a Democratic senator in more than 24 years, but Beto O’Rourke would like to see that change as he takes on presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. Some early polls indicate that the two are in a dead heat, so O’Rourke should be able to bring in political money to the state.

West Virginia

Evan Jenkins and Patrick Morrisey are already in a bitter battle. The two men who have long been arch enemies will have to survive a primary before they can take on Joe Manchin. Both are determined to prove to West Virginian voters that they care about the voters in the state while Manchin cares only about big money interests. This state should be a key battleground for Trump’s agenda going into the midterms.


Josh Mandel is definitely not a media favorite in Ohio. Yet, many voters there are indicating that they may be done listening to the media for political recommendations. First, however, Mandel will have to beat businessmen Mike Gibbons who has generously given to many causes Ohioans seem to care about funding. The winner of the heated primary will have the formidable task of beating Sherrod Brown.

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