2018 Midterm House Elections

The 2018 midterm United States House races may be one of the most heated in most people’s memory. When the data from 47 different polls taken by eight different pollsters are considered, 38.3 percent of voters say they currently support a Republican candidate while 43.4 percent say they support a Democratic candidate. Both parties are likely to spend lots of money on key issues including health care and taxes to try to convince voters that their ideas are right.

Health Care

Expect the Democrats to try to elicit the help of three key groups to win the United States House during the midterm elections. They will look for support in states where Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election such as California, Florida and New York. You can also expect the Democrats to spend money in states with large numbers of senior voters such as California, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey. Furthermore, you can expect the Democratic party to heavily finance United States House candidates in states where the governor decided to expand Medicaid including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California and Colorado.


You can expect the Democratic Party to try to make an issue out of President Trump not releasing his tax returns if he does not do so shortly. If President Trump and the United States Congress can get a tax law passed before the midterm elections it should play heavily into getting Republican house candidates elected. If they get bogged down in trying to fix health care, then this could become a non-issue until the next presidential election as Americans see it as the inability of Congress to act decisively.

The 2018 midterm election is important to both parties. If the Congress can pass health care reform and tax reform, then the Republican party may continue to hold its majority. If not, then the Democratic party may experience key wins.

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