A Brown Woman Breaks Up With the Democratic Party

On the Huffington Post, a brown woman writes a letter to the Democratic Party, sayinge that she has decided that she wants to quite the party.

Her letter begins with her saying that the Democratic Party used to be the love of her love. She used to a sappy, soapbux-y, cliché fan who uld be a lot like a fan of Fox News.

Her first vote was for Bill Clinton when she was 18 years old. The last vote for the Democratic Party was for his wife, Hillary Clinton. She has named her ficus plant after Hillary. She campaigned door-to-door for Hillary with her 8 year-old daughter. She will probably not do that again.

She believes that she cried every time that she voted for Hillary. She would think about the women who had fought for her right to vote. She has cried for Bill, Barack Obama and Hillary. She had a mad love for Hillary and the Democratic Party.

She wants to break with the Democratic Party now.

She feels now that her love has been one-sided and unrequited. She loved the Democratic Party, but they did not love her back. They actually love the white woman, but they will not love a brown love like her.

She feels that the Democratic Party has not shown enough outrage over the national epidemic of police brutality against black people. The Party continues to call angry white men a bunch of lone wolves.

She thinks that there has been little action regarding the Dreamers. The Party does not seem to care at all about kids who are going to be kicked out of the United States. She thinks that the Party’s attitude would be different if the Dreamers were white.

The Party spends a lot of time, trying to get white people to join their party, but it does not spend amount of time trying to get people of color to join the party.

She believes that people of color helped get Doug Jones elected in Alabama. If black people had not shown up, an accused child molester named Roy Moore to be elected. Despite the help of people of color, she thinks Jt ones will not do much for dark people.

She ends the letter saying that the Party broke her heart.

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