A Hacker has been sentenced to jail for a role that he played to get Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photo.

George Garofano, who is aged 26 years-old, has been sentenced to eight months in prison. The judgment was issued on Wednesday. George was jailed because of a scheme that exposed nude photos of actor Jennifer Lawrence together with other celebrities. George illegally hacked the private Apple iCloud social media account of over 240 people. Amongst the accounts that George hacked include Hollywood stars as well as other internet users. He deliberately allowed their intimate images and other private content to leak around the internet.

According to The Guardian, George was among the four people that were charged in a hacking scandal that transpired back in 2014. The incidence left the private images of Kate Upton, Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst and other celebrities published all over the internet. Lawrence noted that the hacking was equivalent to sex assaults and asked the government to set up tougher policies. A federal judge in court based in Bridgeport ordered George Garofano to serve the eight months in prison followed with three years of close monitoring. If his ways don’t change, then he will be subjected to another jail term. George had earlier pleaded guilty of the allegations back in April. He admitted that he had sent emails to the victims while he posed as a staff of the Apple’s online security team in order attain their passwords and usernames. Prosecutors have been arguing that George should serve a sentence of 10 to 16 months in jail. The prosecutors were arguing this point in relation to federal policies. George later pleaded for compassion, bidding not more than five months in prison and also other five months of home imprisonment.

The prosecutors wrote in a memo that George’s deeds were offensive. He had illegally hacked the accounts of all the victims without their knowledge. He intentionally invaded their privacy and even stole their personal information which included private and nude photos. Furthermore, he never engaged in this activity in just one occasion but severally. He was engaged in the conduct for over 240 times in a period of 18 months. George did not only keep the images that he stole but also shared them on the internet where other individuals saw them. The prosecutor also said that he would have sold them to other rival Hollywood stars to earn money. The prosecutors noted that in George’s offenses he had acted completely selfish and never considered the impact he was creating on other victim’s lives.

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