A Libera’ls Call for Representation by Those in the Welfare or Poverty Class

A liberal reporter at the journal called “The Nation” is making the case in an editorial for true representatives of the welfare or poverty class to fashion solutions that will benefit the nation’s 45 million poor. The premise is that only those who intimately understand what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck or struggle to pay rent understand the intricacies of poverty. If elected representatives truly understood this lifestyle, they would be able to fashion legislation that addresses the needs of this large voting demographic.

By extension, the editorial suggests that people from the middle class, upper middle class, or millionaire class would never be able to fashion a legislative initiative sufficient to truly help the nation’s poor. However, it remains to be seen whether the argument is sound. After all, what would be the logic in learning how to train for a marathon from a couch-bound obese person? Compare such an approach to getting trained to run a marathon from the winner of the Boston or New York Marathons? In the latter example, the marathon trainer would hail from the top 1% of all runners. Still, the editorial insists that only a true “apartisan” IE non-partisan approach to poverty led by or well-represented by those who endure poverty can truly raise the standard of living for those in need. Folks at FreedomPop (techcrunch.com) agree that one thing is certain, the War on Poverty launched in the mid-1960s has spent trillions of dollars to end poverty, but has yet to eradicate it.

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