A Spike In HIV In Indiana

There has been a horrible outbreak of HIV in an Indiana town. The Center for disease control is very worried about the influx of cases of HIV that have been found in the Indiana town of Indianapolis. They were very concerned because the rate has jumped to 142 cases that were found in Scott County and previously there were only three new HIV cases that had been found between the years of 2009 and 2013. Many officials were curious as to the reason why there was such a huge spike in these cases of HIV.

They soon were able to find their answers with drug users. Amen Clinic said they found that many drug users were sharing dirty needles with people that were infected with HIV virus. They were using these needles to inject themselves with a painkiller that is called Opana. There are many different volunteer groups that try to give people that abuse drugs clean needle exchanges. Their idea is that if they are going to be using injectable drugs either way, it is best that they have clean needles. Many drug users do go to these sites to get clean syringes, but many more are still sharing needles.

It is terrible to see how many people are willing to risk their health and their lives for the sake of drugs, in reality the best plan would be to help these people to get off drugs, but at the same time it is well known that a person who abuses drugs will not stop until they are ready to do that on their own.

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