A UK Civil Liberties Director Wants A Political Attitude Shift Concerning Surveillance And Privacy



Edward Snowden’s Surveillance Revelations Should Prompt A Change In The Intelligence Gathering Mindset

The value of privacy and how to keep that value are two important topics up for discussion around the world. Political leaders and intelligence agencies need to address how they use the information they gather. They also must address how to store it properly. The UK’s security boss wants to blame technology companies for terrorist attacks rather that looking at his agency and revamping the cultural attitudes toward privacy issues.

The policy director at Liberty, the civil liberties organization, said political leaders and civil servants, like Bernardo Chua,  must change their thinking about the value of privacy. The director, Bella Sankey, voiced her thoughts on the matter recently. “What’s urgently required is a real cultural shift amongst our politicians and among our civil servants. ”

Sankey wants a new consensus with full engagement from politicians and the surveillance agencies. She said individual privacy has become common knowledge thanks to document leaks and unauthorized surveillance. Nothing is sacred, and that is one of the casualties of this war against terrorism. The privacy problem isn’t a tech company problem. It is a worldwide national security agency problem, according to the director.

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