A Word With A Financial Analyst: Mike Burwell

Mike Burwell heads Willis Towers Watson as its chief executive officer. The top management of the company was pleased to have him in their team and expressed optimism that he would help to transform the company. During his career in various departments of multinational companies, he has earned a good reputation. After the introduction into the company, he expressed his excitement for the warm welcome accorded to him and promised to streamline all the departments in the firm. One of the key areas that he identified was the focus on meeting the customer needs and adherence to the industry standards. He believes that building good networks in an industry is critical to a company’s success. He urges other entrepreneurs to pay attention to information available and act on it. For more than three decades, he worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He helped many clients who were looking for consultancy services in insurance. Due to his good performance in Detroit, he was promoted to lead the company in all its branches in the country. During his tenure, he transformed the firm to become a market leader.


Mike Burwell is a graduate from Michigan State University. He pursued a business course. He is also a certified public accountant. In 2010, he was recognized by the institution as one of the best students. He wakes up as early as 5am and starts his daily work. He believes that the morning hours are good for planning for the daily activities. He enjoys riding a bike in the morning. The financial analyst believes that many people have good ideas that only requires some little attention to actualize them. Mike Burwell is always looking for new market trends that help to meet the changing market needs. Get Additional Information Here.


For a company that plans to expand its operations, Michael Burwell advises them to adopt technology as it is likely to give more returns. Mike Burwell is of the opinion that small businesses are likely to grow fast with the adoption of new technology. He shares relevant information that could help other people do well in business. He acknowledges that some business situations may be unfavorable and recommends individuals to be persistent and keep working on their failures. He is a good reader and believes that the culture has played a key role in his success. One of his favorite books is Soft Selling in a Hard World. Mike Burwell suggests that individuals must believe in themselves to become more productive.


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