Activism and Positive Change Created by Avaaz

January of 2007 marks the launch of United States based global activism group, Avaaz. Avaaz has been considered the globes largest online activism network by The Guardian. While its name has many translations, most mean voice or song. This activism group calls for change on issues such as corruption, poverty, human and animal rights, climate change and conflict.

Avaaz allows activists to create online petitions on their site to bring awareness to important world wide and community wide issues. Avaaz is comprised of over 44 billion activists that are spread out over 194 countries.

Some recent successful activist centered demonstrations have been The Beginning of the end of Fossil fuels. Avaaz lead the People’s Climate Marches in 2014 and 2015 in Paris. Over one million five hundred thousand people marched which made it one of the largest climate control marches in history. In 2012 Avaaz organized an online petition that was comprised of over three million signatures that were collected to stop two bills in congress that would allow for the shut down of various websites. This petition was organized to keep the internet a free and neutral place. 

Avaaz was co-founded by and Res Publica as well as Service Employees International Union. Res Publica is a community of public sector professionals. They are dedicated in encouraging civic virtue and good governance. is an American based non profit. They are a group of advocates that promote public policy. Avaaz stand by a firm belief of only being donation based. They do not accept any donations from large corporations and will not accept any more then five thousand dollars from one donator. This group of activists promotes positive global changes and works solely within the budget of donations from others hoping to make a positive impact in the world.

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