Adam Milstein Is An Activist And Philanthropist Who Is Improving The Quality Of Life For The Jewish People

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American activist, a real estate investor, a leader in his community, and a philanthropist who has done a lot for many different people. Adam Milstein is a native Israeli who attended Technion and graduated from there in 1978. After this, he went to the United States and studied at USC where he received an MBA. He then decided to get into real estate and became a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, which manages and owns many different industrial and commercial properties all over the Nation.

By using his own gut and working hard, Adam Milstein became very successful in the real estate business, and because he wanted to help people out, he started up the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF). The purpose of MFF is to build a stronger connection between Israel and the United States and also to give the Jewish people a sense of pride in their heritage and homeland. By training and educating young Jewish professionals to better connect with their own roots, they become a stronger voice in the world to promote the State of Israel.

In order to really help a person, Adam Milstein believes that philanthropy should follow them throughout a good portion of their life. To do this, MFF has three guiding lights that steer its charity, and these are broken down into separate categories. The “Active Philanthropy” part of the foundation means that members of the staff and the Milstein family, themselves, not only donate money, but also participate, hands-on, with the people that MFF supports. The “Life Path Impact” principle speaks to the fact that MFF doesn’t just help a person out and then move on. Instead, it is in existence to provide support for a person from the time they are younger and through their life as they age. The “Philanthropic Synergy” principle refers to the fact that MFF chooses to work with multiple philanthropic organizations, other than just itself, to improve upon the help it can offer. Adam Milstein knows that when many come together to help one person, that eventually the one person will make a huge difference in the world that will help many.

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