Adam Sender Making Money Off of Art

For someone with an eye, it is possible to make money off of just about anything. There are the traditional investment options, ranging from stocks and mutual funds all the way to real estate and forex trading, but there are other opportunities for other people who know what to look for. Some are able to make money off of investing in wine. Others make money off of memorabilia, such as Star Wars collectibles or Coca Cola products. Regardless of what it is, if someone knows where to put their money and what others are going to find valuable in a few years, it is going to prove an excellent investment. Adam Sender is such a person, although his investment revolves around art. He has made a considerable amount of money off of recent investments and now he is looking to sell up to 400 pieces from his art collection, all of which is expected to net him around $70 million.

This is not the first time Adam Sender is going to be selling off paintings and photographs from his art collection. In 2006, he sold off 40 works of art with a net total of just under $20 million. Now, he is looking to liquidate his collection by selling the addition 400 pieces, which are created by over 139 artists.

For Adam, it has always been more about the investment than the actual work of art. With the help of a full0time curator, his friend Todd Levin, Adam discovered what paintings not only would be valuable, but would be important to the art community in future years to come. For example, he purchased a photograph from a photographer known as Sherman in 1998 and now this photograph is expected to go between $2 and $3 million. He has another painting by John Baldessari that he purchased in 2001 and it is expected to go for around $2 to $3 million as well.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Adam Sender stated that he didn’t have the money to go out and purchase a top of the line Warhol. This kind of investment would simply cost millions of dollars and probably wouldn’t alter in value all that much (especially as there is always the risk of additional works from famous painters being released, which would reduce the value of the piece). However, he stated it is much more valuable to purchase a masterpiece from Richard Prince or another similar painter for around a hundred grand and then sell it for 10 times that amount.

Adam Sender is just the example of someone who knows what to look for and how to make money off of just about anything that is collectible.

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