Al Gore Has Called On Congress To Pass Single Payer Healthcare

Single payer healthcare is the dream of every liberal in America. It is something that exists in every other developed country in the world, but the resistance to such a program has always been strong in the United States. Ironically, it is with a Republican President and a Republican Congress that single payer is getting more mention than ever. This is largely do to Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

As the Congress has tried to repeal the ACA they have heard from the public in a big way. The public has shown backlash against the idea of repealing a law that they actually appreciate. A lot more people have healthcare as a result of the ACA, and they don’t want to see that healthcare taken away from them.

Since people are starting to become defensive about Obamacare, they are also starting to wonder if there are even better healthcare options available out there. That has lead many to think about what might be possible with a single-payer system. The Huffington Post says that former Vice President Al Gore has now called for a single payer system as well.

He has said that the private market has proven that it is not able to provide people with the kind of healthcare that they need. He says that the abysmal healthcare situation in the United States could be helped by having a system more common to other developed parts of the world.

The former Vice President is just lending his voice to a chorus of liberals who have now called for this. It is a policy position that used to be considered way out of the mainstream. These days it is almost fashionable as a left-wing person to call for this type of healthcare system in the United States.

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