Alan Grayson Says He Will Run For Congress Once Again

Alan Grayson has attracted his fair share of attention as a politician over the years. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and he has angered plenty of people on both the Left and Right. He has been a Representative in the State of Florida in the past, but he has since lost his seat. He now says that he will run again in Florida, but he has declined to say for which district specifically.

Grayson says that Florida law allows him to run for any seat that he would like to. Therefore, he declined to tell Politico at this time which one of those seats he is considering taking on.

The man ran for the Senate in Florida in 2016 but lost in a primary to fellow Democrat Patrick Murphy. Murphy was considered the more moderate choice of the two. Things did not work out for Murphy in the general election though as he was bested by Senator Marco Rubio. Since that time, Grayson has continued to accept online donations through his website.

Most of the money raised by Grayson has been through small money donations from loyal supporters of his cause. He has been able to amass more than $500,000 cash on hand for any potential run that he makes this coming year.

Alan Grayson is a far left wing progressive who has a lot of fans throughout the country. Speaking his mind freely and openly has caused many within the establishment ranks of the Democratic Party to feel uncomfortable at times. However, this has never bothered Grayson. He is not afraid to turn over some tables if it helps to get his point across.

At the moment we still do not know where Grayson will be running for Congress other than that it will be in the State of Florida. In the last three months he has been able to raise $60,000 in small money donations even though he has not officially announced his candidacy for anything.

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