Alex Pall’s Astounding Musical Journey

Alex Pall is a member of a musical group known as the Chainsmokers. He was born and raised in New York City in the United States. He has a Bachelor Degree in Music and Arts from the New York University. During his school life, he started out by practicing being a DJ. He did this for a while until in 2012 where found his current partner Andrew Taggart and a management team who together they formed a famous group known as the Chainsmokers. Alex Pall together with his partner, Andrew, wrote and performed many songs which have over the years topped the charts in different nations including Canada, United Kingdom and much more. The duo has released songs including the Rookie, Single, Selfie, let me down, closer, and many more. Over the recent years, their contribution to the entertainment industry has not only gained recognition in their country but also internationally.

Following the great audience that The Chainsmokers have gained internationally, their music has received millions of views on youtube and has also enabled them to be signed to an international music label known as the Sony music. Alex pall together with his partner Andrew have also done collaboration with other prominent people in the industry including Kanye West, Halsey, and many others. The duo have performed in different cities on different stages which have also contributed to the large audience they have attracted. Following the massive views on YouTube and top chartings in different countries, the duo have been able to bug themselves with several awards and nominations. They include Grammy awards, American music awards, Billboard awards, iHeartRadio music awards, and many more.

Their music has also generated a lot of sales in the recent years which has also helped them to be on the top. Besides music business, Alex Pall together with his partner have a cloth line business where they sell hoodies, t-shirts, logos, and many more. The duo also supports charity events including cadence and cause that help the needy to live a comfortable life. They also donate money to the pets for vets that helps provide shelter for pets and much more.

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