Alison Hartson to Run In California

Alison Hartson, who is thirty seven years old, is launching a bid to run against Senator Dianne Feinstein in California. She opened up about her bid to run on the show The Young Turks, hosted by Cenk Uygur. According to Alison Hartson, Dianne Feinstein is not doing enough to push forth the agenda of the Democrat Party.


Alison Hartson hopes to ride on the wave of progressivism that was energized by Bernie Sanders during his presidential bid. Bernie revitalized the Democratic Party, and many young people become staunch supporters of his campaign and his version of progressivism. Hartson hopes that by running on similar issues and making similar promises, she will attract many people who voted for and were supporters of Bernie Sanders. The California State Senate leaders, Kevin De Leon, is also planning on running against Senator Dianne Feinstein for her seat in the United States Senate.


Alison Hartson believes that there are many issues which Bernie Sanders fought for that other Democrats do not care about and are not fighting for. This includes tax cuts, free college assistance for all, and more. Another example would be Bernie Sander’s push to make sure that there is no corruption and shady money in politics. Bernie himself only accepted donations from private individuals, and he turned down corporate donations. Alison Hartson plans on doing the same thing. Other Democratic lawmakers have not cosponsored his bill. In addition, many Democrat voters are getting frustrated with Senator Dianne Feinstein. Many believe that she is not doing enough to oppose the Republicans in the government, including the Republican controlled White House. For example, she urged her supporters to have patience with the administration, which many people saw as buckling to it.


Although Hartson does not plan on accepting large corporate donations, which means she will have a harder time when it comes to putting out ads, she hopes that her appearances on The Young Turks, and their support for her campaign, will help her out.

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