All About Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin born October 15 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida is a well-known hedge fund manager and founder of Citadel LLC. Ken Griffin’s company is a global investment firm that is believed to manage $25 billion worth of investment from individual and institutional investors worldwide. Citadel is also one of the world’s largest alternative management firm and the most successful hedge fund company. Griffin has received many awards due to his achievements in the investment arena and is identified as the highest earning hedge fund manager as well.

Kenneth Griffin’s net worth is around $7 billion as of 2015. He is an investor and philanthropist according to his peers. He has donated more than $150 million to Harvard University – his alma mater. The donation is the largest single donation ever made till 2014. His donation to other organizations total more than half a billion. Kenneth Griffin had a humble beginning during his childhood. In 1986, he started a hedge fund at Harvard that dealt with convertible bond arbitrage. His friends and family capitalized the fund with $265,000. In order to acquire real-time market data, he installed a satellite link in his Harvard dorm room. His investment strategies were great and helpful in preserving capital even during the stock market crash in 1987. Kenneth Griffin successfully came out of his first fund which motivated him to start another fund that managed more than $1 million. After graduating from Harvard with a degree in economics, he joined hands with the investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC, Mr. Frank C. Meyer, and obtained another $1 million as investment. In his new venture, he exceeded every expectation of his investors while Meyer made 70 percent on his money.

Citadel LLC was later founded by Griffin in 1990 to consolidate all his investors under one roof. With an initial fund of close to $5 million, Citadel started out with two employees. By 1998, it had grown to a company of more than hundred employees and $1 billion in investment capital. Kenneth Griffin became one of the most influential people in the finance world in 2012 and got listed on top of the CFO Magazine’s Global 100. With two decades of experience in the finance and investment field, Kenneth Griffin is also considered as the best CEO according to Forbes 400. His estimated net worth in 2003 was $650 million, the time when he came to know as a great performer in the stock market. At the age of 34, he became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire on the list. Fortune magazine has also ranked Griffin as the eighth richest American under forty in 2004. He became the fifth youngest among self-made individuals in 2006. Today, his net worth surpasses more than $7 billion and expected to increase every year. Citadel LLC has become a perennial favorite for investors from all walks of life as well. Kenneth’s success can be contributed to his education, knowledge and the position as an authority in finance, management and growth.

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