Mr. Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology. Securus Technologies came as a result of T-Netix and Evercom merging in the year two thousand and four. The two industries were leading corrections market companies. Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas.

The company is an American for-profit prison technology that was founded in the year nineteen eighty-six. The company has invested up to six hundred million dollars currently approximately one thousand employees. Rick Smith was focused on serving clients professionally and with expertise.Mr. Smith makes his decision wisely since he is well experienced to drive the company forward in achieving its goals.

Rick’s Career background

Richard Smith became the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus in June twenty third, two thousand and eight. Before this, Rick had served as the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. for three years. He got promoted to be the C.E.O of the company for four years.Smith had also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Eschelon Telecom from March nineteen ninety-nine to July two thousand and three.

From April nineteen ninety-seven, Smith served as the Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom from October nineteen ninety-eight to July two thousand and three. Mr.Richard also served as a C.F.O at Eschelon Inc. from October nineteen ninety-eight to march two thousand.He also served as the Vice President in- charge of Financial Management at Frontier Corporation which is currently known as Global Crossing. Smith held several positions at several companies such as;

  1. Chief Information Officer and President of the famous Frontier Information Technologies
  2. Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations.
  3. Operations Director at Network Plan.

Mr. Richard Smith is a highly educated man that holds an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering which he got from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technolgy.Rick also has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the State University based at N.Y. Smith has a Masters in Mathematics from the public State University of N.Y at Brockport, and he also holds a Masters in B.A from Rochester’s University.

Richard Smith has an impressive set of skills and an extensive experience which he has successfully used to lead SECURUS. Smith has held several positions in various disciplines such as finance, business development, and many others. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Eschelon Telecom for nine years. During this time, he made the revenue rise from thirty million dollars to three hundred and fifty million dollars. Eschelon became a successful Initial public offering in the year two thousand and five.

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