Amber Rose Has a New Man

After months of watching Amber and Wiz attempt to move on from each other it seems like they are both going in opposite directions. When the breakup first hit social media Amber was heartbroken, she posted several times expressing her pain in losing her best friend and the difficulty of him not being a part of her life anymore. While Amber suffered in breakup hell Wiz was posting party photos and dying his hair bright purple, it almost seemed that Wiz could care less about his failed marriage or Amber’s feeling during the breakup.

Recently Wiz has spoken openly about wanting to start over with Amber and attempt to save his family. Much like Robin Thicke, Wiz has even taken to the studio to pour his feelings for Amber into a song , however it seems he may be too late because Amber is being seen out and about with a new man and they don’t look like casual friends.

Of course Amber is sticking to her roots, andenjoying the company of a rapper by the name of Machine Gun Kelly. Lately they have been spotted holding hands and getting extra cozy out in public, and while neither of them has confirmed or denied a relationship, they are clearly more than buddies. If Wiz wants Amber back now he has some competition according to Brian Torchin, and it may not be as easy as a love song winning Amber back now.

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