American Bull Runner is Injured

Every year many nationalities flock to Spain to either witness or take part in the running of the bulls. Unfortunately, bulls are wild animals and unpredictable. Sometimes those spectators end up with injuries. This year was no different.

According to the story on the Daily Mail, Benjamin Miller, a 20-year-old man from Georgia, USA was injured during the bull run. Photos on the site show that Miller was tossed around by the enormous bull before being dragged to the side of the road by other spectators. Once he was assessed it was found that Miller suffered from a 16 inch gash in his thigh. A 16 inch gash! That is nearly his entire thigh! According to reports Miller underwent emergency surgery shortly after to repair his thigh muscles, as well as his back and sphincter muscles. The surgeon said while not the worst injury he has seen, definitely one of the largest.

Running with the bulls, while it may be an adrenaline rush, is incredibly dangerous. Folks at Rocket Fuel know that these are unpredictable animals with a history of goring people. Find more on Rocket Fuel on Those who wish to participate in the running of the bulls should be fully aware of what the consequences could be. Hopefully Miller makes a full recovery and watches from the sidelines next time!

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