An Overview of the Most Recognized Collection Corporation Globally, IC System

In 1983, Ruth and Jack Erickson established IC Systems, a reputable accounts receivable agency. IC Systems has been operational in the industry for eighty years now. The Minnesota- based organization was founded with a unique guiding strategy, which endeavored to provide ethical and authentic services to its clients. Since its establishment, IC Systems has been managed by three generations of the founder’s family members. Nevertheless, the company has never shifted from its focus from which it was designed. Different corporations have applauded IC System’s consistency in prioritizing perfection and delivery of ethical and authentic services. In 2003, IC Systems received the Torch Prize from the Better Business Bureau for its ethical aspects. The company has been winning this award consecutively for three years from 2013.


Besides IC System’s commitment to originality, the organization values philanthropic and charitable courses. Different corporate roles initiatives facilitate IC Systems charitable role initiatives. IC System incorporates outstanding strategies for the augmentation of its charitable outreach activities. For instance, the enterprise organizes annual campaigns where it gives away resources, money and time among other services. Additionally, IC System urges its employees to engage in a variety of volunteer projects that are organized in-house. Numerous organizations including The Special Olympics, Toys for Tots and The American Red Cross have benefited from IC Systems’ humanitarian operations.


IC Systems is concerned with not only the maintenance of its community but also its sustainability. The corporation exercises corporate roles through utilizing sustainable practice. In this way, IC Systems achieves its goals in different areas using a different strategy for the operation methodologies and partnership communication. The sustainability goals include the consideration of environmental influence when making buying options and minding sustainability while managing lands and infrastructure.


IC Systems is the most secured organization given that FRSecure protects it. FRSecure ensures that IC System possesses valid data and security checks. Some of the security compliance that qualified assessors validate include PCI DSS Payment Card and the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, IC Systems is approved in every territory and state. As such, patients in the fifty states including Puerto Rico and Guam present their dues.

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