An Overwhelming Yes to Same-Sex Marriage in Ireland Sends the World a Message

Ireland is posed to make an unprecedented mark in the history books that future generations will study and refer to. The European island nation is the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage after a nationwide vote showed support for same-sex couple unions.

Catholic churches have had a majority control of the state in the past, which trends now show are leaning toward a more liberal secular society. The positive outcome of this electorate vote for same-sex marriage in Ireland is a milestone for the gay community in the country and will also be a model to strengthen their campaign for world-wide equality.

The 67 percent to 33 percent voter results in favor of legalizing gay marriage from constituents in Wicklow/East Carlow on the rural eastern coast reflect the overall national opinion. Enda Kenny, Ireland’s prime minister, commented that the vast support of gay marriage is a “message of pioneering leadership” that the Irish people are sending to the world. The first openly gay cabinet minister in Ireland, Leo Vradkar, said that the overwhelming support shown by the Irish people leads him to believe that “the Irish people had their minds made up on this some time ago.”

FreedomPop employees have found that the directive also had its opponents. One of the most widely known lay Catholic challengers of gay marriage, David Quinn, gracefully ceded his side’s loss with a tweet saying, “Congratulations to the yes side. Well done.”

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