Andy Wirth Defeats Effort to Incorporate Olympic Valley

It certainly has been a challenging time recently for the region of Lake Tahoe’s north shore. Its communities have been inundated with problems that have forced small business owners and large winter resorts to pool resources to support their shared interests. The challenges have come from both Mother Nature and political arenas and according to The Reno Gazette-Journal, the people are the ones caught in the middle.

There was an incorporation battle on the one hand over the beautiful and iconic Olympic Valley. This is the home to one of America’s most famous and beloved ski resorts, Squaw Valley. Andy Wirth was on the front lines of that struggle.

The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., searched for a way to defeat the battle to incorporate the region. It was a four-year struggle that was a threat to the way of life of the entire region. Successful incorporation would have led to higher taxes and fewer services to citizens and businesses in the area.

People would have gone without proper road maintenance and snow plowing during the winter. Small businesses would have had a much higher tax burden as well, subtracting from their bottom line. In an already challenging climate, that would have been the last straw for many in the area. The other issue was that the separation between the Olympic Valley and other North Shore communities would have made combining resources to combat regional issues next to impossible.

Those supporters of the incorporation effort formally withdrew their plan and stopped the effort to incorporate recently, which Andy Wirth viewed as a major victory for the entire region. It was going to save many of the area’s businesses and foster a more civil climate between the resorts and the people in the region. Wirth believes that only through cooperation and understanding can the Lake Tahoe region begin to thrive and grow once again.

Mother Nature hasn’t helped either over that past few years, hitting the area hard with a drought of historic proportions. That deters snowboarders and skiers from flocking to the region and those tourist dollars can’t be replaced in the local community.

Fortunately, this year has featured early snow fall that allowed for all to get an early start on the ski season. The long season has helped Wirth and the Lake Tahoe region to start to thrive. It seems like momentum is on the side of the region and many attribute this positive outlook to the leadership of Andy Wirth.

He was able to provide a positive style of leadership to the community. In the past, the ski resorts dictated rules that benefitted them alone, with little regard for others in the community. Wirth has made monumental efforts to work with and reach compromises with opposing views. This practice of cooperation has fueled a positive outlook for the entire region and the future is looking extremely bright.

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