Another Victory for Democrats in Florida

The Democratic Party accomplished yet another victory on May 2nd. In Florida, another district was flipped to Democratic control.

Javier Fernandez managed to secure Florida’s 114th District House seat by about 4 points. His opponent was Andrew Vargas who secured 47 percent of the vote; Javier Fernandez had 51 percent.

Even though this was a special election for a six month term to the victor, it still marks a very important victory for Democrats. The former representative from Florida’s 114th made national headlines when they pleaded guilty to perjury last November.

“Tonight’s special election victory is the latest in a string of special election victories for Florida Democrats,” said Terrie Rizzo, Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman. “Which shows us that after nearly 20 years of failed Republican leadership, people are ready for a chance.”

Fernandez was attacked by his opposition prior to his election victory. He was subjugated to lies and slander concerning his person and still prevailed.

“It’s pretty sweet, man,” Fernandez said. “I can’t lie, Substance wins over slights, right?” said Fernandez in response to his political bashing.

This is not the first victory for Democrats in Florida recently. Annette Taddeo won a Florida Senate campaign, and Margaret Good won her bid for House.

Republicans were relying on Andrew Vargas to win Florida’s 114th district, but he ultimately let down his party, succumbing to yet another Democratic victory in Florida. The Republican fight is now over though. Since the chair was only available for six months, Republicans will have another chance at Florida’s 114th District in November. Democrats are confident, due to independent and Republican turnout in favor of Fernandez, that they will win the seat again at the end of 2018.

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