Are You Struggling with Weight Loss? We have Good and Bad News


It is very apparent to many people that weight-loss programs have very different and polarized effects in different people doing the same activities.


Scientists have come with dozens of different explanations to why that happens, including metabolism, genetics and the way you are doing your exercise (you’re doing it wrong!).


Still, more often than not, these researchers do not really relate to us. Many people are struggling with exercises but their parents are thin, and they have a coach helping them with the program.


Other people, however, have a different problem with losing weight by exercising often and following a diet routine. It is not that the diet does not work, or that the exercises are not having an effect on your health, but another problem entirely related to types of personalities.


Why is it not working? Could it be your approach towards it? What is wrong with you?


Chances are, nothing is wrong with you, but with the weight-loss program itself.


Just like clothing, you can’t expect a single, exclusive size of t-shirt to fit all body types and appeal to your entire customer-base. Obviously, you need to have different sizes with different patterns and colors to appeal to a broader audience.


Weight-loss programs are just like that. You can’t stay fit if the program does not fit you!


The Type A and Type B Personality Theory


We are going to break down weight-loss programs into two categories based on the type A and type B personality theory.


If you are not aware, this is a study that was conducted by psychologists where they divided people into two different groups, the group A and the group B, one being the opposite of the other.


While A is the more goals-driven person that gets stressed more easily and is constantly trying to improve itself, B people are more relaxed and the complete opposite. You’ll find that A people are more competitive and have way more breakdowns than B, but B, on the other hand, is much more laidback and tends to miss on opportunities. They are not punctual or organized at all.


With that said, it is easy to see that type-A people are much more devastated by failure. This means that longer-term goals like weight-loss training are much harder for the type-A person to grasp because they are very competitive and usually wants to see results as fast as possible.


It is obvious that common programs don’t work on these kinds of people.


The A group tends to quit the training before they start noticing differences because it takes weeks or even months to notice them. Type A extremists believe that the time they are spending with all that exercise could be spent on something that will show them tangible results. They, more often than not, cannot progress weight-loss programs because they get frustrated.


This is the main reason why trainers and coaches can’t rely on the structure for all weight loss programs. There are, not only different types of personalities, but they are also divided into polarized groups.


If you sympathize with the description of a type-A person and you think you are one of them… Have you ever tried to enter a weight-loss program at the gym or by yourself? Did it work?


If not, then the problem is not with you, but with the program itself.


Learning with the Type-B


You know what, group A? You are not always right. You can learn a lot from the other group, in fact.


When exercising, pay attention to how your body is reacting. Know that the weight-loss program is not independent, but instead is a part of your routine.


What does that mean? It means that, if you are feeling tired, that is probably because you had a long week. It’s probably better for your health and for your program as well that you rest or sleep a little in the afternoon, otherwise it will lead to a burnout.


At the same time, don’t do intense workouts. If you think that more intense routines will lead to faster results, it won’t, but it probably will hinder your capability of going through with the program for the rest of the week.


Additionally, if you feel difficulty controlling what you eat, we can’t recommend nutrisystem enough. They understand that the desire for our favorite foods are hardwired in our brains, so the diet routine of nutrisystem is not about cutting down the consumption of what you like, but instead you can eat them in balanced and portions that make sense. They have helped millions of people, both type-A and B, with their weight loss.  Just read the Nutrisystem cost reviews:


Take a deep breath, find the perfect workout routine for you, and take it slow and steady.


Good luck!

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