Arthur Becker’s Business Brilliance

Madison Partners is an investment firm that primarily deals with real estate and Bio Tech Ventures in early stages. Arthur Becker is the managing member of this company. Before the birth of this firm, Arthur Becker was the chairperson and chief executive officer of the largest digital newsstand known as Zinio, LLC. He has also worked as a CEO NaviSite a company that offered internet technology services alongside hosting and colocation to businesses in the United Kingdom and the USA. Navisite had offices in India UK and US. Arthur also served as a senior advisor at Vera Wang Fashion for seven years. He has been a private investor in real estate and technology since 2011.

Madison Partners LLC was born after the sale of NaviSite. Arthur Becker had an undying interest in real estates and therefore opted to invest in condominium development in Miami, Florida and New York City. He gained exposure to numerous early biotechnology companies. The fascination of the ever-changing paradigms of biotech and the economic opportunities of making an impact on peoples lived dawned on him. At present, the completion of several Town Houses on Sullivan in New York is underway. Arthur is readying himself on building a residential condominium in Tribeca. Click here to know more.

Arthur says that the time he is most effective is moments that he works with persons who he respects. He also says that he likes organizing and coordinating the talents and experts work. He believes that the key to success is talent. Once the talent is identified, it becomes easy to bring the expertise along with your vision. Arthur Becker reveals that he encounters challenges in his endeavors. He takes up the challenges positively and points out that the problems have been essential in helping him learn on ways of avoiding similar failures in future days. In the numerous companies that he has had, the connection in the management has contributed to the success of the company.

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