Article Falsely Accuses Obama of Fleeing the Country

A recent article made the rounds on social media claiming that Obama fled the country due to crimes he committed while in office. The article claims that President Trump found the evidence and this resulted in Barack Obama fleeing the country. This is entirely false.

The article claimed that Obama’s trip to New Zealand corresponded with the firing of at-the-time FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, but Obama was scheduled to be in New Zealand a month prior to the firing of McCabe.

The article claims that Devin Nunes personally uncovered Obama’s plot. Nunes has actually been involved in many controversies in the last year and a half. He created a publicity stunt in 2017 when he called for a press conference after visiting the White House. Nunes claimed to deliver information to the White House, but actually he received the information from two White House staffers and then pretended as if he had delivered the information himself. Nunes is also the main author of the controversial memo that accused the FBI and other intelligence agencies of wrong-doings.

The article is only one of the many examples of misinformation being floated around social media in today’s political climate. This specific type of misinformation insults the intelligence of not only the readers, but the former President himself. The article claims that Obama left evidence right there in the Oval Office. If Obama did commit a crime while serving as President, he would certainly be intelligent enough to not leave a trail of evidence in his former office.

During his time spent in New Zealand, former President Barack Obama actually had a discussion with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to share their ideas and concerns about climate change and the impact social media has made on politics. He didn’t flee the country due to the firing of McCabe, and Barack Obama is not under investigation by any intelligence agencies.

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