Athleisure wear for every occasion: Fabletics

Fabletics by Kate Hudson has proven that good things come in different ways and things. Her take on creating a fitness apparel company that tailors performance wear to the customer is truly an innovative process. Fabletics is an online ‘monthly-subscription’ website that allows you the convenience of shopping for truly high-quality performance and active wear clothing. You have the option of shopping right off the bat, from her website, or you can become a VIP member and get your first outfit for just $25, plus discounted prices on separate items!!!

With the membership of Fabletics, there is a monthly subscription fee, but you can skip the month and you won’t get charged at all! Plus, for a whole outfit, you can get either a 2 or 3 piece for just $49 to $59! The process works by when you sign up, you take a simple yet creative quiz about what type of workout you do, and what style appeals to you most (example: tank tops, shorts, etc..), and then the personalized stylist picks out your tailored workout outfit for you at the beginning of every month!

Exploring further we recap Kate’s interview with magazine extraordinaire; MarieClaire at Kate Hudson, has created the ultimate ‘lazy-girl’ athleisure wear dresses, choosing fashion forward and ‘the ultimate girls’ magazine’; MarieClaire, to introduce her chic line and give an insight into her new performance swimsuit wear, Kate shared some details that all us ladies can relate to. When asked about the idea for creating such a concept for Fabletics, Kate had a unique perspective saying: ‘it was a natural progression to an active girl to keeping her casual’. Having a unique outlook as this Kate emphasized that the athleisure wear is very diverse, you can wear it on a date night, the office, even out of town, or to dinner, it’s just that versatile. See:

Noting as well, even if you want to just take a leisurely evening hike, it’s a wonderful breathing active wear that’s comfortable and you’re sure not to have any trouble getting out of your car! Adding that there’s the freedom of ‘not being confined to a bra or other ‘necessities’, a few dresses have bras built right in to offer the support needed, without showing those ‘bra lines’; best of all no Spanx! The material of the athleisure wear is nice and snug so it holds you together without that extra piece needed. Lastly, the swimwear is designed to be active, so people can be active without fear of a disaster happening. With such an extraordinary take, Fabletics is sure to continue pushing the boundaries into high fashion, yet still maintaining the quality and performance for half the price to the consumer; truly spectacular.

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