Attorney General Jeff Sessions Calls It Quits At Trumps Request

Jeff Sessions, the old conservative lawyer from Alabama, finally made to his ultimate dream job. But ole Jeff just gave his dream job back to President Trump. Jeff and Don were buddy-buddies during the 2016 campaign. But their bromance ended when Attorney General Sessions recused himself from the Mueller Investigation. Several media reports say Sessions got out of the line of fire so the investigation would seem more credible to American voters. After all, he was Trump’s law-puppet for many of Trump’s political reality shows.

Trump knew early on that Sessions was one albatross hanging around his yellow-stained-collared neck. But Sessions came in handy when Trump wanted to send those bad guys from Central America home. He came up with all kinds of rules and regulations. Plus, Trump and Sessions along with former White House Lawyer Don McGahn were the masterminds of the plan to separate kids from their parents at the border. Sessions was a key legal player in the quest to name conservative judges to courts across the nation. Sessions didn’t need four years to spread his bigoted and racist personality through the courts, and he did it looking like he just left a Sunday prayer meeting in church.

In a report by, Mr. Sessions didn’t fight back when Trump would run over him with an 18-wheeler tweet. Jeff was too smart to play that game with the tweet master of planet Trumptopia. The president lost his cool in private when the Sessions name was thrown around in important Mueller investigation conversations. He wanted to add Sessions name to his “You’re Fired” scorecard on several occasions, according to an inside source who wants to stay that way.

Mueller’s Russian inquiry has hogtied several Trump cronies. Sessions knew he would have to spill all the Russians beans in his Trump meeting jar if he took over from Rod Rosenstein. After all, Sessions, Steve Bannon, and Don Jr. had a meeting with a Russian attorney who allegedly has a direct connection with the people who shine Putin’s global “let’s make a deal” shoes. Jeff was too close for his own down-home-nervous-condition comfort. Trump’s low ball resign request keeps some blood off of Trump’s hands. And Mr. Trump can give Sessions the insincere compliments he deserves with a straight face.

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