Attorneys Launch the National Cannabis Bar Association

The budding growth of the marijuana industry certainly needs experts to guide, defend and lobby for them. To navigate the “green rush” a group of lawyers have formed the first professional association for weed: the National Cannabis Bar Association, specializing in the pot industry.

Legalization of marijuana helped establish a burgeoning entrepreneurial opportunity that requires lots of legal assistance to maneuver federal, state, and local laws. And in many places, the state law contradicts the federal law, so businesses need industry-expert attorneys to navigate the battlefield.

With more and more states decriminalizing marijuana, attorneys nationwide are looking to stake a claim in this “green rush.”

In addition to the typical bar association services, the National Cannabis Bar Association plans on becoming a How-To resource in this emerging industry says Kevin Seawright. You need to know how to set-up, manage, pay taxes, and comply with complex laws. San Francisco-based NCBA will be the all-knowing legal advocates to lead the way.

When it comes to marijuana, lawyers can see the big picture, and the bigger numbers. It’s surely going to be profitable.

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