Avaaz; Improving the World by Bringing Together the Practical Idealists

In January 2007 a civic organization was launched called Avaaz. Their desire to further educate and promote global issues like climate change, animal rights, poverty, human rights and conflict. The name of their organization comes from the Persian word آواز (âvâz) which translates into “song” or “voice.”

The organization was a cooperation between MoveOn.org and Res Republica, two co-founders from purpose.org as well as Andrea Woodhouse. There are so many more involved in the creation and function of Avaaz.

Since 2009 the organization hasn’t accepted donations from organizations or businesses. They rely on the goodness of its individual members. Avaaz has members in many different countries around the world all working for the same goals. They believe that by excluding donations from businesses and corporations they are keeping themselves accountable by relying only on its individual members.

They have personally claimed to have pulled together practical idealists to reach their goals and organizational needs. They are considered to be the largest online activist network available by The Gleaner. They currently have 44,779,020 members and their members are spread throughout 194 countries around the globe.

As part of their ethics they present very brief important information to its members and its from that point the member can decide if they’d like to know more and become involved. If the member does not get involved there is no shame or oppression for the decision. Avaaz does not decide on the agenda and push it, they allow their members to decide what’s important to them.

Over the years they have had many victories, some of which include bringing an end to climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels. They have also fought to create larger and inclusive marine reserves to keep our seas and wildlife safe. They have also mobilized and brought aid to many refugees and those suffering from disasters in situations when others wouldn’t. There is so much Avaaz is doing to save our planet and make it a better place for our future. They allow individuals to turn in petitions and get the things that matter most to you out and fought for.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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