Avi for Life, Always

Avi Weisfogel got his start over twenty years ago, making the most of his dental care, and wanting to be of service to the larger community and world. Since he graduated from dental school at Rutgers, he has been part of Old Bridge Dental Practice, and he has also become known as a philanthropist, seeking to raise money for Ultimate Smile, a charity that goes to benefit those less fortunate. Avi is also an expert in sleep disorders, and he is able to make the most of his experience by offering his services to those who need it most.


Avi Weisfogel seeks, through his work, to engage with his dental customers and give them the best treatment possible. He wants to make sure that his customers leave his office with a clean mouth, free of cavities, and that they are happy with the impact he has made. He is happy to tell them about his social media work, which has led to a lot of different outlets that are there to spread Avi’s good news of dental health and security to the world. He maintains active Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud, and other accounts, meant to spread the word about his work.


Avi is a unique figure in the world of dentistry because of his other interests in sleep disorders, and you’ll love how easy he is to talk to. Avi has made his mark—clearly—on the world of dentistry, and he seeks to continue making his mark for many years to come, as we hope he is able to do.

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