Barbara Stokes and Her Admirable Dedication for Building People’s Homes


Knowing how to prioritize in the world of business would help increase the sales, production and entire overall positivity of any company. Prioritizing helps weed out what’s not necessary, what’s redundant and what’s coddling up the company to reach its full potential. One of the few business leaders today who know how to prioritize the value of prioritizing is Barbara Stokes, the Leader behind Disaster Relief Construction Industry to GSH of Alabama, LLC. Read this article at


The Mercer University Graduate With Passion for Housing


There can so be many things we can read about the career, growth and potential big-ticket projects of Ms. Barbara Stokes, but what stands out right now is the fact that she came from the Mercer University in 2001, with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Her background there has helped her give the formal structure of the things she has to know in her career and to make her understand the technical, structural and marketing part of her future endeavors in building people homes.



We could also say here that thanks to the expertise she gained from the school, she is able to both balance the engagement of discourse and practical action to bring about the needed housing solutions for GSH of Alabama. The extensive experience that she, too, has built for Pisces Corporation and Boeing could also be seen as a wonderful set of training that could ensure her position in the most sought-after executive jobs in the market today.


The Mother of Three


Amidst the erratic and almost pugnacious challenges and situations that are inherent in becoming an executive, Barbara Stokes is also an active volunteer. Her charity work for Huntsville community is seen to be a source of inspiration for many and is an indicator that despite her busy career, she also understands the importance of sharing her time to others for free. With that said, it’s extra impressive, too, that she is also a mother of three. Balancing this career and motherhood is indeed an indicator that she has the capacity and ability to balance career and motherhood in the most successful, efficient and less erratic manner. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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