Basic Guide for Business Ventures in Brazil

For those that have a desire to develop an investment scheme in Brazil, making the transition from your hometown is simple regardless of whether or not they’re foreigners. Brazil’s friendly framework of individuals will keep you informed about necessary laws and offer advice for entrepreneurs, or for businesses starting their line of service.

There are many places in Brazil necessary for beginners to visit and acquire strong skills from. They can also keep this information at their disposal when deciding to make business ventures.

Sebrae, or the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises, is a large network that connects different people and shares “Textbook” advice on handling entrepreneurship in Brazil. Experts, based on their own experiences, guides visitors to the best resources available to uplift their production.

Several entrepreneurs and small companies also connect via social media. Empreendemia offers users to interact through Twitter and Facebook. This is extremely useful for small companies looking to expand their territories.

Moving into a Brazil can be daunting especially without being fluent in Portuguese. Communication would be compromised and as a result, business as well. There are several tools in the form of books and audio CDs for individuals who prefer to study the language
on their own.

Living language and For Dummies books offers practice material to learn Portuguese, such as vocabulary, grammar and writing exercises.

Pimsleur provides a set of audio CDs that teaches fundamental words and phrases to beginners, allowing them to use those words at their convenience.

Unlike many countries, Brazil offers several opportunities and advantages for business owners. They can receive great returns on investments in the stock market and property. Currency exchange rates are favorable, especially for foreigners who upholds large values in other currencies. For those who are interested in saturated communities, recreational cities are available such as carnivals and music festivals. Arranging flights aren’t a hassle due to the high availability of options from international airports.

Word of Advice

Hardships are inevitable and anyone is prone to making mistakes. However, building on experience allows room for improvement and bigger success.

To illustrate the importance of persistence, consider the accomplishments made by Zeca Oliveira. As the former Chief Executive of BNY Mellon, he made an unexpected departure due to issues in the company from an internal investigation. Ultimately, his dismissal from BNY Mellon led him to develop a position as president of a company known as Bridge Trust, and currently build a partnership with Gradual Investments. The expansion will guarantee better product variety, stronger customer base and more innovations. Zeca Oliveira can potentially manage fund/resources of a joint-company with an aggregate of approximately $7 million in assets.

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