Bernie Sanders Attacks his own Party

Bernie Sanders is known for the energy that he injects to the Democratic Party regardless of his age. He never shy’s from saying what he feels it’s good for the party and he was at it again on Saturday night in Chicago, Illinois. He referred to the current US President as a hypocrite and even says that even the most conservative presidents like George Bush would not do what he is doing. He was speaking to a crowd of over 4,000 people who seemed to be enjoying every word he uttered. He said that he constantly has to answer questions about how Trump became the US president. Most people who pose this question are journalists, and he answers them using one statement, Sanders would have won. Bernie Sanders referred Donald Trump as the most unpopular US President of all time. He also believes that Trump was never elected as the president but the Democratic Party failed Americans.


The event had been organized by National Nurses United executive director RoseAnn Demoro. Bernie Sanders attended this event with his wife, Jane Sanders. He took this stage to unleash the hits that he had made in the past concerning the Democratic Party. Before he was joined by his wife on stage, he spent the first 55 minutes talking about different issues. The speech was followed by a 15-minute interview with the event organizers. Throughout this address, he had to stop due to standing ovations and applause from the crowd. People attending this event made a point of carrying placards in favor of the old man.


He also took the time to criticize the current model of the Democratic Party referring to it as a failed one. He even compared it to the Labor Party in Britain and how it had defeated the Conservative party by adopting a new strategy of standing up to the ruling class. Not only did he attack his own party but he also attacked the current president claiming that he is a dangerous president and perhaps a habitual liar.

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