Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Taking Over The Democratic Party

There is a bit of a split in the Democratic Party between Bernie Sanders supporters and those who believe that the Establishment Democratic Party is a better idea. However, the energy is behind the Bernie Sander side of things. They are working hard to try to make sure that they can take over the machinery of the Democratic Party. They want to work on the state level to make some changes that they would like to see to the rules of the party and for a lot of other reasons.


It needs to be said that they are using a very interesting strategy to bring about the changes that they want to see. In These Times is one website that is reporting on this very fact. They report that the Bernie Sanders supporters are incredibly smart in how they are organizing. They are looking at things on a very microscopic level. They are paying attention to what is happening in these very technical issues.


If the Sanders folks are able to take over the party state by state then perhaps they will have a greater level of influence and ability to steer the party in the direction that they want to see it go in going forward.


Some wonder if this is just a short lived thing that is a result of what happened in the last election and that some people are just upset about the results of the election in general. However, that does not appear to be the case because they are still carrying this on after all of this time and they are learning what they need to know in order to get the changes that they see as critically important to bringing the party to where it needs to be in their view. The liberal wing of the party is sure to be overjoyed by these latest efforts and we will all wait and see just what happens going forward.


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