Betsy Devos Work and Philanthropy

In the wake of President Donald Trump election, Betsy Devos has been appointed as the secretary of education in the United States of America. Betsy was born in January 1958 to Elsa and Edgar Prince. She spent her early childhood in Holland, Michigan. Devos went to Holland Christian high school. After that, she enrolled at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, she graduated with an undergraduate degree in business with a specialty in administration and political science. Betsy’s parents were religious and ensured her upbringing was based on the Christian morals. Today, she serves as an elder in Mars Hill Bible Church. Additionally, Betsy is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and education activist. She is married to Dick Devos, a former president of a multi-level marketing company.

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In her entrepreneurship career, Devos acts as the chairwoman of the Windquest Group. The company was formed in 1989 by Devos and her husband. Under her management, the company has grown and invested in technology and manufacturing industries. The company campaigns for the production of energy by using alternative methods that are clean and pollution free. Betsy has also taken the role of producer for a Broadway run of a stage play called Scandalous in 2012. The play is based on the experiences of an evangelist and also featured the lyrics composed by Kathie Lee Gifford. Since her college life, Devos has always been politically active. In 1982, she participated in the Michigan Republican Party election. There, she held the position of local precinct delegate. Devos also held the position of national committeewoman for Michigan for five years. In 1986, she got elected as the chairwoman of Michigan Republican Party. She resigned from the position in 2000 and later, in 2003, she vied for the same post and got elected unopposed.

Betsy Devos is also known for her philanthropic work. Together with her husband, Betsy launched the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation in 1989. The charitable work of is motivated by faith. The institution aims at developing leadership, advocating for transformation, and providing support in the education sector, community, arts, justice, and leadership. The family foundation donated $ 11.6 million in 2015 and summed up its total donations to $ 139 million since its inception. The institution lists as number 24 in America’s top givers. In 2004, Devos got appointed to the board of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She held the position until 2010. While serving in this institution, Devos and her husband donated $ 22.5 million aimed at developing a center to educate arts managers on methods of fundraising and managing the organizations. Betsy DeVos has championed for the education system that is privatized. According to her, privatizing the system would give parents an increased choice. Additionally, Betsy has advocated for school vouchers and consistently defended the Detroit charter school system. Visit her website for more info.

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