Bill Cosby Imprisoned for 10 Years

Once he was at the top of the comedy world. Today Bill Cosby was led out of the courtroom in cuffs to camera flashbulbs and the jubilation of his victims.

Branding him a ‘predator,’ Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neil sentenced him to 3-10 years in Pennsylvania state prison for the crimes of sexual assault and ordered him to pay 25,000 in fines plus the persecution’s fees. O’Neill also gave Cosby the legal designation of Sexually Violent Predator. Under Pennsylvania law, he will undergo mandatory counseling and register with police as a sex offender until the day he dies His victims and neighbors alike will be notified of his movements and address. He will be temporarily detained in Schwenksville while officials determine which prison to hold him in full-time.

According to Business Insider, this sentence completes the downfall of Cosby. He was once an American icon in his family-friendly alter-ego of Dr. Cliff Huxtable. However, in the past years, more than 50 women have accused him of sexual assault going back decades, and the judge’s gavel has come down. Now he is the first celebrity to be convicted and jailed under the #metoo movement.

“”Equal justice under the law does not allow different treatment because of who he is or who he was,” O’Neill said.”

Andrea Constand, former administrator of Temple University and one of the dozens of women to bravely come forward against the man who was known as ‘America’s Dad,’ left the court with a smile on her face. Cosby had been a one-time friend of hers. He’d drugged and sexually assaulted her at his Philadelphia home in 2004, leaving her in what she described as a “holding pattern,” unable to move on or heal in her life. Her case was the only one to stick criminal charges to Cosby.

“Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it,” she wrote in a statement to the court.

Other accusers came out to hug her. In the rain outside the courthouse, many of them addressed reporters.

“I wanted 30 years, but I’m very happy to know Mr. Cosby will do time in prison,” said Chelan Lasha, another accuser who testified in tears about how Cosby groped her and drugged her in the 1980’s.

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