Biometric Security is Now a Must, Not Just an Option

In recent years, data and network security has become a hot-button topic in the business world. Despite the fact that the business media buzzes with stories about high-profile hacks and security failures, most businesses are still stuck in the past, using woefully insecure passwords as their only line of defense against a breach. Unfortunately, many businesses only take security seriously after a breach occurs instead of availing themselves of the latest technology. Even minor security issues have the potential to result in loss and liability, especially for large organizations.

There is little doubt that the days of the easy-to-remember password are numbered. Businesses that are serious about security have moved on to multi-factor authentication, and biometric authentication is becoming more and more commonplace as the technology comes down in price and feasible to implement. When most people think of biometrics, physiological biometric technology usually comes to mind, as in the case of fingerprint or hand geometry verification.

However, there is another type of biometric verification which you may have benefited from on many occasions. If your bank has ever called you to alert you to suspicious purchases on your debit or credit card, it was thanks to behavioral biometric technology. Businesses can use behavioral biometric security software to gather data about typical system use. The security software would alert you to any significant deviations from a user’s typical usage pattern. A good security plan consists of multiple technologies and approaches to decrease the chances of unauthorized access.

Founded in 2009, San Francisco-based OneLogin is a cloud-based identity verification platform that helps businesses secure their software and hardware assets. OneLogin can also help companies increase efficiency by simplifying providing a single access point, thereby simplifying the login process. Organizations around the world rely on the company’s products and services to streamline and secure user access.

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