Bob Corker Is Reconsidering His Retirement

Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker is reconsidering his decision to retire after two terms in the Senate. There is real concern that if he does leave, the Republicans could lose his Senate seat to a Democrat in the state.

The leading contender in the primaries for the GOP is Marsha Blackburn. She has been a lightening rod of controversy for many within and outside of the GOP. Having her as the torch bearer for the Republicans is not something that most within the party want to see. Therefore, it is understandable that some are asking Corker to get himself back in the race.

The Democrats have a surprisingly strong potential candidate in the race in former Governor Phil Bredesen. A poll taken in January showed Bredesen squeaking out a win against Blackburn in a hypothetical matchup between the two. If that really is to come to pass, then the GOP could be in serious trouble in a state that they did not think would be of any concern to them whatsoever.

Even more concerning for Republicans is that the January poll showed Bredsen winning by two percent points even though the polling company had overweighted their sample with Republicans. That means that the deficit for Republicans against Bredesen could actually be a lot greater than that if they put Blackburn up as their candidate.

Blackburn has stated that she is going to run in the race regardless of what Corker decides to do says Politico. Those who are close friends and allies of Representative Blackburn say that she would unite the GOP in the general election and that she would easily be victorious over Bredesen.

The establishment backing and money would almost certainly go to Corker in this race if he were to decide to change his mind about retirement. It is going to be interesting to see how voters in the state would feel about having them as their representative once again. It is going to be an interesting race in the fall almost no matter how it turns out.

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