Bob Reina Announces New Iteration Of Live Meetings

Live Meetings is one of the five apps that Talk Fusion offers its customers. The app uses WebRTC technology and an easy to use interface. The founder of the company, Bob Reina, just announced that a revamped version of this app is now available.

Live Meetings allows users to hold video-based real-time conferences. The interface makes it a snap to arrange presentations and meetings. It is robust enough to allow 15 hosts and a maximum of 500 participants.

It is also flexible in that the participants can join the conference using their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

One of best features of the new app is that it doesn’t require any separate downloads; instead, people can just use their regular browser. Best of all is that users don’t have to have Adobe Flash Player installed on their system or any other plug-ins.

Other benefits of the newest version of Live Meetings is that the video and audio are better than ever. Learn more about Bob Reina:

They also redesigned the already great interface making Live Meetings even easier to use. Additionally, they boosted the security of the app so that everyone participating can know they’re being kept safe.

Bob Reina attended the University of South Florida for his college degree and went on to serve as a police officer for several years. He started to sell products on the side in the direct selling industry and eventually started earning enough that he could quit his day job and pursue it full-time. He developed the concept of Talk Fusion in 2004 and he launched the company and his first product, Video Email, in 2007.

Beyond his role as the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is also a philanthropist. He has given quite a bit of money to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and an Indonesian orphanage in particular.

He also established a program at Talk Fusion where each of the firm’s associates is able to give a copy of Talk Fusion’s entire suite of apps to their favorite charity. The apps are used to boost the amount of money they are able to raise from donors.

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