Bob Reina Talks ‘HuffPost’ Changes

If there is one person out there who knows how to brand themselves than it would be Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina. Reina founded Talk Fusion back in 2007 in response to the lack of proper video communication experts on the web. Since then Talk Fusion has grown to become THE place you go if you need to market yourself in the video medium. Outside of Reina’s work as a communications expert he is also a fairly prolific writer and contributor to the Huffington Post.


The Huffington Post has been one of the biggest news aggregates on the internet for years in both the casual and political spectrum. Now with a contentious election behind them the Huffington Post is looking to rebrand themselves completely. Now the Huffington Post is known as simply, the HuffPost. Their new goal is to give a voice to those that they feel are ostracized by the main stream. It is clear to see in this contentious environment how important that can be. Bob Reina, known for his ability to reinvent himself and his company in order to pursue success, was quick to comment on the rebranding — seeing as he recently released two articles on the medium.


Reina said simply, “I’m a firm believer in the art of innovation. A brand’s growth is never complete.” Reina went on to explain how important it was to innovate, set people up to succeed, and to give hope those that need it in the crowded world of business. Reina pointed to his latest articles, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” and “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience.” Both of these articles were uploaded in the past ten days to the HuffPost platform and they are currently being consumed by hundreds of thousands of people world wide.


Outside of his work with Talk Fusion and HuffPost Reina has become something of a philanthropic mastermind. Reina has contributed heavily to foundations working closely with natural disasters such as the Nepal earthquake and the Japanese tsunami relief fund. Reina hopes that his work exists far beyond just his Talk Fusion days.

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