Boraie Development In New Brunswick And How To Best Buy A New Urban Home

Omar Boraie is the urban developer and real estate mogul who has dramatically changed the face of New Brunswick, New Jersey over the course of three decades. The enterprising Egyption immigrant has single-handedly been known to strategically transform areas within the city from slums to magnificent new housing units and developments with spectacular views that any professional would be proud to reside in.

With the new Luxury complex coming to completion, Mr. Boraie and Boraie Development are looking forward to selling the fabulous New York-style apartment tower at One Spring Street, downtown to professionals who want a part of the amenities of the city in an up and coming location at a great price considering the luxury conveniences available in every unit. There is currently no other building available in the New Jersey area that can compete with the style like the new condominium development coming to New Brunswick.

The architects used to create the new complex Aspire were the renowned Costas Kondylis & Partners, the same renowned firm that has previously worked on all of Donald Trump’s buildings in New York City. The site that the new luxury building will reside is formerly a forsaken site by previous developers in the community. A trend that is working out nicely for developers and buyers within the real estate market today.

To be apart of the new market of emerging professional who want to be in the midst of the urban rebirth within the city and wish to purchase a new condominium, there are a number of housing trends we can expect to see playing out over the next few years. These theories are based on specific interviews and surveys conducted with real estate developers, investors, lenders, and builders who are in the know when it comes to understanding the future of urban real estate.

New buyers should know that the buyers market no longer exists, and home prices are currently on the rise. There’s not a lot of interest in developing in suburban areas from both the buyers perspective and the developers. Buy now as prices are only thought to skyrocket in the future. This projection is based on buying where the economy is good and it’s surrounding more urban-minded projects located in spots where amenities and public transportation are more easily accessible. So when looking for your new up and coming neighborhood keep transportation costs and the areas local business market in mind when checking out your new possible home.

Take your time, don’t let brokers pressure you, and make sure you’re ready. Don’t just buy a home today out of fear that the prices will only increase later. Only you know if the time is right for you to purchase a new home. Look into housing that will be a good investment for your future when you go to sell. But, make your decision not wholly based on what you think is the best property to purchase when you go to sell. And never go over your head. Make your ultimate decision about just how much you can afford before diving into financing your new abode.

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