Boy Scout President’s New Plan Will Allow Gay Leaders

Robert Gates is the President of the Boy Scouts. He has been in this position for many decades, and he has been respected among followers in his community. However, Robert Gates has recently been criticized by many people within the community.

Parents that have children in the boy scouts are very concerned with the new rules that the president of the organization is trying to get passed. If you haven’t heard by now, Robert Gates would like to remove the ban l against gay boy scout leaders. This is a very controversial decision, and many people are unsure of what to think.

Robert Gates feels that discrimination should not be held against homosexuals, and that seems to be a fair argument. However, it cannot be denied that hundreds of boy scout members have been molested by gay men in the past. This is a very sad and controversial topic, but it must be talked about. Personally, I feel that a a homosexual should not be discriminated against for the act of sick men. Just because a man enjoys the physical attributes of the same sex, it doesn’t mean that he would want to have relations with a child.

An argument can be made that straight men would want to molest young girls, but normal people do not do such things. A child is young and innocent, and most child molestors enjoy their power over the victim. Rollingstone features an in-depth article detailing Robert Gates’ future plans for the Boy Scouts. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick agree that, hopefully, the organization can decide what is best for their future.

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