Brad Reifler Gives The 99 Percent A Place To Invest

Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, believes that middle-class investors should not be penalized because they don’t have a chunk of money. The 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest brought the economic inequities to the forefront (no pun intended). In the beginning, Reifler’s model focused solely on wealthy individuals who had more than $200,000 to invest. In a 180 degree flip, Reifler has decided to give non-accredited investors with as little as $2,500 the opportunity that they were previously locked out of.

Reifler has over three decades experience in investments. His roots can be traced back to 1982 when he opened Reifler Trading Corporation. Over the years, his companies have catered to the needs of global institutions, financial advisors and investors alike. His shift to attract the business of the 99 percent may come as a surprise to some trading companies, but Reifler sees it as a prime opportunity.

Reuters writes that the program – Forefront Income Trust – gives the beginner investor the opportunity to get their feet wet without the high risks. Investors can receive a potential 8 percent return while achieving a better understanding of the investment market. “I want people to have a safe place to find investment alternatives,” according to Reifler.

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