Brad Reifler Talks About The Money Monster Film

Brad Reifler has decided to speak on the movie Money Monster and whether or not it is accurate in the industry that he works in. Brad Reifler does admit that the fictional movie reveals some facts about Wall St. It goes into the disadvantages and weaknesses that the smaller investor is exposed to. The main focus of Wall St. is on the wealthy. This is not a surprising fact. A lot of investment opportunities are more or less reserved for the rich because of the high deposit minimums for opening up an account. However, Brad Reifler is starting to change his focus to people in middle America.

According to Brad Reifler, as outlined on his Twitter, there are at least 3 disadvantages that the small investor faces. For one thing, the investor has to pay fees. There are large fees that are made for Wall St. services. Of course, this is so that brokers can continue to get rich even as the brokers lose in their investments. Another problem that the small investor faces is the limited access to investments. The non-accredited investors have been limited in the investments they could make. Accredited investors had a lot more privileges due to the perception of them being more intelligent. This gave them plenty of more advantages when it comes to making investments.

Brad Reifler is a very successful investor and is the founder of Forefront Capital. He was also one of the best traders at Refco. He has utilized his skills at trading to build a very successful hedge fund. He has a great understanding of the market that allows him to make profitable decisions. Given his experience in the investment industry, he understands the disadvantages and obstacles that people face when they are trying to break in. He is one of those that are trying to change that so that investors of all sizes can be given a fair shot. See Brad’s full story on

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