Brazilian Advertising Recognizes the Excellent work done by Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is one of the most celebrated icons in Brazilian advertising. His talent in developing memorable events is unmatched. He customizes episodes to include client brands. His dream of joining the advertising industry started when his sister invited him over to assist in choosing the best possible path in Cannes. The commercial exhibitions that he saw became his inspiration. This beautiful scene sparked his desire to participate in the advertising industry.

His educational credentials brought Jose Borghi closer to his dream. His feeble financial muscles did not stop him from realizing the dream. He got his first job as an editor with the Standard Ogilvy ad agency. This was but the beginning of his dream career. Jose Borghi worked with many other advertising agencies and still proved his ability to bring positive change to Brazilian advertising.

One of his greatest moments was when he met Ray Erh when serving the Talent & Leo Burnet ad agency. They started their advertising firm. Even though they did not have any investors or banks to offer them financial support, they still fought to make their efforts a success. Mullen Lowe suggested a partnership with them. Jose and Erh shared the company’s presidency. Many of the domestic and international markets eulogized this partnership, Borghi Lowe. These praises made it the best ad agency.

This company partnered again with Mullen agency and Lowe Group as a way of offering customized services to clients. Borghi Lowe now changed to Mullen Lowe Brasil under the leadership of Andre Gomes and Jose Borghi.

Jose is a hard working CEO who believes in going out there to achieve his dreams. His impetus has seen him receive different accreditations and awards from various institutions. Brasil recognizes him for the amazing paradigm shift he brought to the advertising industry.

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