Breaking News: Vote on Omnibus Bill Delayed

House Conservatives and Liberals have succeeded for the time being to delay a vote on the Omnibus bill. At this time, House Speaker John Boehner will not be bringing the bill to a floor vote where it runs the risk of defeat. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held Democrats firmly in line to oppose the bill unless the campaign finance and banking reform riders get stripped from the bill. Conservatives demand a rider be added to de-fund the president’s amnesty plan.

At this point, it appears increasingly likely that the GOP will be bringing up a stopgap measure to fund the federal government beyond tonight’s 11:59PM EST deadline. The temporary funding bill will buy supporters of the Omnibus bill the time needed to secure votes. However, it is beginning to appear that the bill, crafted over months of negotiations, may need to be further amended before it can win more support either from the GOP or the Democrats.

The situation places House Speaker Boehner in an unenviable position. People at Slow Ventures don’t know what else he can do. If he modifies the bill to suit Conservatives, the bill will stand no chance of passage in the Senate. If he shifts the bill further to the Left, he may not have the votes to get the bill past his own party who control the chamber. President Obama came to the aid of the bill by announcing he would sign it.

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  • October 31, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    His words were meant to peel off enough Democrats to support passage in the House. Despite that, Rep. Pelosi defied the president on the floor of the House. The goodnews is that best essays should be able to do it perfectly.

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