Brian Bonar, Finance Mogul

Brian Bonar went through his undergraduate program at the University of Strathclyde and got his MBA and doctorate from the Staffordshire University. Mr. Brian Bonar has worked in several companies, he is the chairman and the CEO of Trucept, and he has been in the position since 2011. This Corporation deals mainly with insurance and related services. Mr. Brian Bonar has been the director of Dalrada Financial Corporation for four years. At Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Bonar was to ensure that effective strategies that would boost sales and make the management more efficient were put in place. He would later be in charge of technology sales at the organization. Mr. Brian Bonar worked his way up the ladder and would later become the President and Chief Operating Officer of the organization. Between the years 1988-1990, Mr. Brian Bonar was the vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing; this company specialized in the production of laser printers, Rastek Corporation.

Mr. Brian Bonar has almost 30 years experience in the financial world; his leadership abilities and accomplishments; he was named Cambridge, Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. Mr. Bonar is a family man who goes boating and likes golf. Mr. Brian Bonar specialty areas are mergers and acquisitions. His background from his education and past work clearly explains his success today.

For finance professionals, there are some common traits that one must possess to glide easily through the hiring process.

Analytical skills, successful finance professionals use logical thinking to analyze varied information. This is critical to those aspiring to set foot in the broad field of finance.

Outgoing, finance professionals should be likable, and this comes about on how you relate to the people around you. A sociable finance professional will be able to influence and strike strategies with partner stakeholders for the good of the organization

Vision, productive financial executives, should be able to understand the market both today and tomorrow. He should be dynamic to changes, as this ensures the long-term success of the organization as a whole.

Asset Management skills, finance professionals are instrumental in the guidance they offer in mergers and acquisitions. They analyze and determine if the acquisition is in line with the organization’s business model, strategy and goes with the industry standards.

A better understanding of Technology, finance professionals should be better equipped with the latest technology and change with the technological changes. Financial and technological leadership is required in e-commerce transactions and financial reporting, as a finance manager technology is often needed in the day to day running of the organization.

Trust, as a professional finance trust will see you to the organizational goals, trust your teammates. As a finance, expert choose good people that are trustworthy to join your team. Finance is a field that dwells around accuracy any misplaced calculations will probably lead to losses. Problem solving should be done through a collaborative approach to ensure that the team members make long-term strategic decisions. This approach creates trust within the team making it work efficiently since every member will have a sense of belonging.

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