Brian Bonar: Talented, Creative, Versatile, And Experienced

Brian Bonar is a very talented, creative, and experienced businessman. A graduate of
James Watt Technical College and Stafford University, Bonar has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He also possesses a wide range of skills that make him valuable to any organization. Beyond his expertise in engineering, he also has experience in finance, management, sales, marketing, printing, and technology. He has also been in leadership positions in numerous companies. One of his strengths is his ability to work well with people whether they are experienced executives or entry-level employee and help them to be more productive.

Bonar began his career working in sales and procurement for IBM in Europe. His job required him to work with businesses all over the European continent and the UK. Bonar remained with IBM for over 16 years. His work was so well received, he was given the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales. After leaving IBM, Bonar became director of Engineering for QMS. For 4 years he managed a team of about 100 engineers involved in hardware and software development.

Next Bonar took his prodigious skills and experience to the Rastek Corporation. There he was the vice president of sales and marketing. The position required him to take charge of the company’s sales of printing technology internationally. Bonar remained there for 4 years before leaving to become sales manager of Adaptec. At Adaptec Bonar’s role was to connect with Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers and develop and maintain relationships with them. After 13 months at Adaptec, Brian Bonar founded his own printer company, Bezier Systems, and created the first printer to use SCSI technology.

In 1995, a year after starting Bezier Systems, Bonar became vice president of sales and marketing for the printing company itec imaging technologies. During his 4 years there, he continued to work closely with printer manufacturers in Japan and Korea and strengthened the relationships he had established with the printer manufacturers that he had cultivated years before. This enabled itec imaging technologies to reap the benefits of those long term relationships. It also helped Bonar to acquire greater knowledge of the field and the technologies involved in it.

Since 1999, Brian Bonar shifted his focus to the financial services industry. He became CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services and founded or currently runs AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and Trucept. But that’s not all of Brian Bonar’s business experience. One of the things which set him apart is his ability to run several companies simultaneously. Currently he is CEO and CFO of the Amanda Company, Inc., CEO and board member of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., and Chairman and Secretary of the Warning Management Services Inc.

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